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Mary Casserley - Artist
Paintings of the Chilterns
2014 - 2021
Postcards of Berkhamsted 1902-1945

Published by Goose Publishing £15.00 including p&p Free postcard with every copy. ( R.R.P Waterstones £20) Softback, 110 pages square format 21cm x 21cm. luxury 180gsm art quality paper. Printed in Great Britain .

 Limited Edition of 1000 copies.  release date 12/12/12 As you are buying direct from the publishers, each copy will be individually numbered and signed by the author, and includes a free Berkhamsted Postcard! A social, historical delve into Berkhamsted's past, lavishly printed in full colour. Designed by Alan Rogers.

A beautiful, evocative, bitter sweet collection of precious messages and images. Mary's book is a never ending story of of never ending energy, imagination and love for old stories and images of Berkhamsted. Don't miss..." James Hannaway (The Rex, Berkhamsted) " A marvellously evocative and richly rewarding lunch. Many thanks. Ed Reardon (Ed Reardon's Week, BBC R4) PS.

Will get round to reading the book in due course.

In today's world of instant communication it is all too easy to forget how we used to keep in touch. John Gerry takes a look at a new book by local author Mary Casserley which looks back at a time when people communicated with each other by postcard."

Until I read Mary Casserley's new book, Postcards of Berkhamsted, I hadn't known that there were up to five postal deliveries a day in the early 1900's. Mary, with her Berkhamsted family dating back to the 19th century, has lovingly assembled hundreds of postcards, all depicting Berkhamsted scenes from c.1902 to c. 1945. Adding social history to the pictorial record, she has deciphered all the messages on the postcards, building up a fascinating picture of everyday life 100 years ago in out town. Interesting titbits abound! Did you know, for instance, that the first headmistress of the girl's school in the 1890's, a Miss Disney, had a liveried pageboy to carry her books from one class to the next? Mary has used her vast knowledge of Berkhamsted history to add intriguing slants to many postcards like this.  This book would make a great present for anyone interested in Berkhamsted then and now. ps. those in the know will be interested to see a quote from Ed Reardon on the cover! John Gerry. Your Berkhamsted December 2012.  

Orders will be posted out within 2 days. 

Happy to post worldwide.  

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PRICE : £ 15.00
Postage and Packaging : FREE
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