A painting of your home or business

If you are looking for an original picture I can paint your home, business, pub, view, or local area. I’m able to tailor the picture, for example add in pets, family members or other features. Specialities are removing lampposts and adding plenty of sunshine! Have a look at the examples below. I enjoy the variety that commissions bring to my work. 

Prices start from £625-£725 for bespoke commissions.

Examples of some commissions


  • Wolverton Hall Folly, Worcestershire.

    Nicholas Coleridge – Director of the V&A 2021

    “The paintings of our folly are MARVELLOUS. I particularly like the one where the folly is smaller, and the colour of the brick stands out against the luscious green view. Norman Wilkinson would be in awe of your skill. I can imagine the railway poster caption – ‘Come to Worcestershire, the home of architectural beauty.’ The picture is propped up at the moment in our bedroom, and I feel a lovely lift of the heart, each time I catch sight of it. Thank you for creating this joy.” 

  • Family home - Dudswell, Berkhamsted, Herts

    Gautham, 2021

    “Thank you so much. It looks wonderful! I really appreciate your attention and care to do this so quickly! It’s wonderful to have it painted by you given all the local connections. Thank you again!"

  • Chequers

    Boris Johnson, Prime Minister

    "...your painting is terrific!"

  • Can you work from photographs?

    Yes, please send good quality photos and I can work from those.

  • We have a large tree/bush in the way

    No problem, I can enhance your flower beds, I can use artistic license to remove trees and lower hedges. I can also embellish hanging baskets.

  • Can you add in my pet dog/children?

    Yes. Happy to include the family including pets. 

  • I don’t like my neighbours house, can it not be shown?

    OK, I can arrange for this not to show in your picture.

  • I want to arrange the painting as a surprise for my partner

    I don’t need to come round to the house if you prefer to send me photographs

  • Our dear dog has recently died, can you put him in the picture?

    Yes, this would really make the picture special

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