About Mary Casserley

My work revisits a classic era of Railway poster design, recreated in the vibrant tones of 1930's travel art. I was born and bred in Berkhamsted, Herts, but now live just up the road in Tring with my husband, son and dog, 'Julian'. I am chairman of Berkhamsted Local History & Museum Society, collect local postcards and have written four local books. Historic photographs, postcards, local knowledge, and rose-tinted spectacles are blended perfectly!

I went to Watford School of Art, followed by taking my degree at Portsmouth (2:1) Fine Art.

My style has been influenced by the artists who were famous for creating the pre-war advertising travel posters for the Railways. I particularly admire the work of Norman Wilkinson, who I have recently discovered was an old boy of Berkhamsted School - where I worked in the art department for nearly 20 years.

These views in and around Berkhamsted, Tring, the Chilterns (and thereabouts) have proved popular. Looking to the future I have more local scenes to capture as the interest and commissions for my work continues to grow.

My Process

My pictures are hand drawn on paper, then hand-painted in (water-based) gouache paint. I’m traditional in that I use old-fashioned paper, pencil, and paint. No computers are used to make these pictures!