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Mary Casserley

The Water Tower Berkhamsted II

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Berkhamsted Water Tower II (2024) I recently re-interpreted my original early (2014) picture with a more colourful palette, adding in a moon/sun, flowers and a dog. This came about from a recent workshop at Greenway School with year 6 chilldren who all painted their own version of this local landmark near their school.

The 1935 water tower in Shootersway was built to provide water pressure to the newly built Foundling Hospital at Ashlyns and surrounding housing development.

The architect was JR Hadfield (who also designed the Civic Centre), using “cunning architectural devices" –false windows, false projecting beams and buttresses, a widow’s walk and a red-tiled conical roof topped by a weather-vane – completing the impression of part of a chateau’s fortifications. As a child I used to believe Rupert Bear lived there (sometimes I still think that!).