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Mary Casserley

West Wycombe Mausoleum and Red Kites

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The Dashwood Mausoleum was built in 1765 and is constructed of Portland stone and flint. The Mausoleum was built on the site of an Iron Age Hill Fort on West Wycombe Hill in Buckinghamshire houses urns containing the ashes of the Dashwood family.

In the 18th Century, (one of the member of the Hell Fire Club ) Paul Whitehead left his good friend Sir Francis Dashwood his heart. After his funeral which included canons being shot out side the mausoleum, his heart was placed in an urn in the Mausoleum. The heart used to be passed around tour groups in 18th Century, until an Australian soldier stole the heart, it has been missing ever since. The ghost of Paul Whitehead has been seen in many spots in the village, including the caves where the originally empty urn is now kept. This is a square image available as an 8" x 8" or 12 x 12" print. cards are 6" x 6"